Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long Weekend Fun

I love visitors!
Over the long Thanksgiving weekend we had four of our Canadian friends come visit us in Chicago. So much fun!
They bought a CityPass so they could visit the main tourist attractions and we joined them for a couple. Neither M or I had been to the Field Museum, so we finally got our chance. It's pretty amazing and I'd definitely recommend a half day there.
Plus, the view of downtown from outside the museum is quite nice!
On Black Friday our guests ventured out to State Street and we met them on the Magnificent Mile later in the afternoon. Never again. I hate people. I hate shopping. There were definitely no great deals to be found, unless you wanted to buy watches and only watches.
We also checked out the Lincoln Park Zoo, which I was quite impressed with, being free and all. I'll definitely have to go back and check out the zoo lights when it's dark out.
At some point over the weekend we made it to Al's Beef. What took us so long to try this magnificent place?? After seeing it featured on an episode of Man Vs. Food, we knew we had to try it, but needed the right group of people to go with. Hard core meat eaters.
If you like a french dip roast beef sandwich, I'm pretty sure you'd love Al's Beef. Get it extra dipped though! So soggy and delicious. I know it looks disgusting here, but you've gotta try it to believe it :)
Then of course we had to experience the deep dish pizza at Giordano's. Happy bellies all around.
All that eating was okay because we walked A LOT over the five days they were visiting. If you come to Chicago, bring your runners. It's an extremely walkable city and you'll have to burn off the food somehow!

We are expecting more guests this coming weekend and are also taking reservations for the 2011 season. Any takers?


  1. I went to Giordano's a few years ago when I went to Chicago with friends from university. I was telling Ryan we are coming to visit you and he said he still gets cravings for that pizza!

  2. Who's coming this weekend?

  3. Sign us up to try some of those restaurants when we come visit.... it's always a new adventure with you and M.