Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba Review

Ohmygosh why does Chicago have to have so many good restaurants?

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is a Spanish tapas restaurant, but who cares about the food - what I'm interested in is their sangria. It is like nectar from the fruit gods.
As I get older and wiser, or just plain older, there is not much alcohol that floats my boat. Wine is basically my go to drink, but this sangria.. oh my.. this sangria is delicious, delectable, simply wonderful. I go nuts just thinking about it.
See, don't I look at peace with the world? Sangria makes everything a-ok.

I am not the only one who thinks this, considering when we went on a Friday night, there was an hour and a half wait! The patio is fabulous, it feels like you're transported straight to Europe.
The food is really quite delicious as well. In the picture below are some bite size tapas called pintxos, including a chorizo wrapped date, short rib stuffed pepper, and a mushroom and rice croqueta.

Here is a cheese platter we ordered and although it doesn't look very pretty in the picture, it was oh so yummy.
The second time we came to this restaurant with M's parents we ordered the paella, which was excellent as well.

But still, I go for the sangria. The food is just a nice bonus.

Try it out if you're ever in Chi-town!


  1. G, you are getting older, but definitely not wiser, considering you waited in line 1.5 hours. What is this, 1915 Russia, waiting in line for your bread?

    That place sounds yummy though.

  2. Ha! There's no way I'd actually physically wait in a line like that.. oh no.. we went, ate sushi, then came back. True story.

  3. We MUST go there when we visit. I hope you have a list of all the great sangria places. How many do you think we can hit while we are there?
    I love visiting Chicago... but, of course, I love visiting you more!!

  4. Oh that paella was sooo good.

  5. I love all the dishes, feels like eating them.