Friday, November 5, 2010

The BFF Has Landed

She's here, she's here! My BFF in Chicago!

First stop, deep dish for lunch!
We headed over to Gino's East in my neck of the woods for some pizza and oh my, what a good decision. No line ups like the locations downtown, plus the cutest Bulgarian server ever. EVER. He was something else. He laid everything down so daintily and gently, gave us free dessert, and even knocked out the line "your wish is my command".
We ordered the lunch special which included salad, personal sized pizza, and pop. For $5.99. Good deal! Plus lots of leftovers!
I must say, the personal sized deep dish tastes a bit different than a full sized pizza - less crust, which is not necessary a bad thing. I told Michelle that it gives us an excuse to try a different pizza place next time she visits :)

While heading back to my place, Michelle had to take a picture of the gas prices here. She was OUTRAGED. SHOCKED. DISGUSTED. Or maybe just surprised. Thank goodness we walk mostly everywhere and get gas in the suburbs where it's much cheaper.
Michelle met the Bamster and thinks he looks like a horse. This is his favourite thing to do when he first meets someone. He gets right under your legs for prime petting position! It can be a little awkward especially when you're not expecting it!
Next up: Our crazy night out on the town!


  1. It sounds like you and Michelle had a great weekend. It's so nice that you have kept your friendship alive. I bet Bama loved her!! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your weekend.

  2. Aw I love the picture with Michelle and Bama...What a sweetheart!!! I cannot wait to hear all about your trip! Michelle is due to arrive home in a couple of hours and I know Jacob is probably dreaming about seeing her in the morning when he awakes. Love all the pictures of your adventures!! Hopefully Michelle can come visit again soon!

  3. Hopefully you can come next time too Steph! We'll ship Jacob off somewhere for the weekend :)