Monday, August 30, 2010

The Grand Tour #2

If you missed The Grand Tour #1, read it here!

In today's tour I will show you the rest of our place which includes the main level and a small front yard. Ready... set.. go!

When you walk in the door, which is to the right of the tv, you will see our living room. Not bad, not bad. Love the red couches that we found on craigslist. The fireplace also works, but you'll read further down why that's not important anymore.
Next up is a very romantic picture of our dining room area, which has only this lamp now since our light fixture broke and the landlord won't fix it.
And below is our teeny tiny kitchen. I hate this spot the most in the whole place because it's so small! Once you're in here you can't hear anyone talking to you either, which drives me nuts. HUH??? WHAT??? I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUU. The fridge, stove, and dishwasher are too close to each other and you have to constantly move one or the other in order to fully open the doors. Also, our silverware tray doesn't fit any drawer, so it sits on the counter all the time. The washer and dryer are also in the kitchen on the left hand side.
And last but not least is our fenced in front yard, which is really handy for Bama the dog and is a nice place to sit and relax. I have a laundry line up to dry clothes and we just bought that BBQ yesterday, also from craigslist.
So that is our place in Chicago, but it's being torn down soon!!!!!!!!! So, we found a new place about 10 doors down and are moving on October 1st. Kill me. Moving once is bad enough. Anyone wanna come help? Pizza and beer is on us :)


  1. I think your home is very nice. I have to admit that the kitchen is way too small and having 5 major appliances in it really makes it cramped for space. I'm so glad that you found a nice place down the street to rent. I can't wait to see it. It shouldn't be too hard moving.... except all that packing and unpacking... AGAIN... We'll help you!! I would come for sangrias and pizza.

  2. Let me take a wild guess, you found your new apartment on craigslist too?!?

  3. Glad to hear you have found a new place already.... GC- you make me laugh!:)
    I can relate to the disliking of moving... but knowing you, you will have it all steamlined by then.... good luck with the move, I guess we will get to see the new place by the time we make it down for a visit :)

  4. GC - Sorry to disappoint - it was actually found on but I do believe it was posted on craigslist too :)

    Luckily, our new place is much nicer - stainless steel appliances, granite counters, tons of windows, and 1.5 bathrooms rather than just 1, which will be lovely. Lots of room for guests!

  5. Technically padmapper just maps the listing from craigslist so GC is correct, haha.

    I love that you can see Bama's feet in the first picture as he sleeps on the floor in front of the couch.