Monday, April 12, 2010

When Husband's Away...

What do you like to do when your spouse/partner/dog/roommate is away?

I'm not talking about dancing around naked, peeing with the door open, or eating an entire tub of ice cream (we all do that)!

Here are my favourite things in no particular order:

1) Watch really horrible girly movies like A Cinderella Story, High School Musical, or 13 Going on 30. You know, the ones that get less than 10% on rotten tomatoes?

2) Make weird food that only I would touch, like black bean brownies, chia pudding, or banana anything.

3) Read blogs or other internet stuff for hours and hours until I have to (see #4)...

4) Take an afternoon nap! Oh, how I love this.

I'm quite the rebel, eh? Come on, don't be embarrassed! What are some of your guilty pleasures?


  1. I carry on long conversations with my cats...maybe I shouldn't admit that. ;-)

  2. haha i totally do all of that stuff... but i do it anyway all the time! my boyfriend lives in another country, so in a way he's always away! but i only watch crappy girly movies when im in a certain mood (doing something else, but i want something going on in the background). otheriwise i'm totally the kind of person who will watch the bourne trilogy by herself :)

  3. I used to paint when hubby went away on business trips. He sometimes didn't recognize the place when he came back. But he hasn't had business trips in a long time - least not ones that take him far away enough for me to have the time.

    Now I clean. I love cleaning the house when its empty and no one is here to mess it up 5 minutes after I'm done.

    Oh and yeah, nap :)

  4. I love to read when my hubby is away..... read and nap.... with no one to bother me!! I also love to bring home bad fast food stuff to eat... in peace!!