Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Littlest Hockey Player

With a hockey playing dad, you better believe little M was signed up for hockey lessons as soon as she was old enough.

Her nanny and grampie gifted the lucky gal every possible piece of hockey equipment for her 3rd birthday and she started a program through Chicago parks last fall.

I wasn't able to go to the first class since it was during the baby's nap time (oh yeah, surprise, that's what I was doing during my year long blogging break) and she flat out refused to get on the ice. Womp womp.

The second class we bribed her with gummy bears and she got on the ice, but not without a few tears. Every class got better and better, so her dad tells me, and by the end of the fall session she was able to skate without holding onto anything.

For the winter session we've switched to an arena in the suburbs where there is better instruction. I went to see her a couple of weeks ago and there were a few tears near the end of class when she didn't get to win the race, but that's a whole other story. I'm so proud of my brave girl!

Last week she tried holding a stick for the first time and now M of course has been talked into buying one for her, plus purple, white, blue, and green hockey tape to decorate wrap it. I love that daddy and daughter have a special activity to do together.
And speaking of skating, I got out of the ice myself recently for the first time in 3 years. I am not holding onto to M's hand to be romantic in the picture below, I'm holding on for dear life! We tried the skating ribbon at the new Maggie Daley Park and I have to say, it was pretty great! M kept commenting on how cool the views of the downtown buildings were, and I just had to believe him, as I couldn't life my eyes off the ice in fear of falling. With a little more practice, maybe I'll be as good as my 3 year old!


  1. Yay for little M and yay for you for persevering!! I bet little M will be a great skater.....maybe a goalie??? Little m looks so cute in all her hockey gear.