Friday, June 22, 2012

Month Eight With Little m

Month eight was smooth sailing for you, Little m. We enjoyed the most beautiful weather that I can ever remember a March or April having and spent as much time as possible at the parks in our area. You had a field trip to the zoo and conservatory with your baby friends and also had your first lunch date with daddy downtown.
By the end of your eighth month, you mastered sitting up by yourself, but still have the occasional wobble. You have a new trick! Playing peekaboo. I'm not really sure how this came about because I didn't really try to teach it to you, but one day I noticed you were covering your face and wanted to play! It's super cute.
You have a very strong core from you daily pilates practice and constant head and leg lifts while laying on your back. You and your monkey feet make us laugh and you always try to hold toys with your toes. Mama bought you an excersaucer, which you are not particularly fond of. This month you met Peter Rabbit at the Pottery Barn and tried to eat his whiskers!
We spent a lot of time with Grandma this month and had a girls' week while your daddy traveled to the UK for business. She spoiled you rotten for your first Easter and bought you a basket, two new books, and a squeaky bunny toy. Your Nanny and Grampie also bought you a beautiful Easter dress. You're one lucky kid.
You've been an excellent napper this month but I'm convinced you will never sleep through the night. You still get up once to nurse but thankfully go back to sleep quickly. You started babbling this month! Here's what you say: baba, lala, dada, and mama. You had your first tastes of veggie burger, hummus, cheese, and dried mango this month. You still put everything in your mouth and as much as I try to read books to you, you prefer to eat them.
One of my favourite things to do during the day is to take you to music classes. We have found all of the free spots to go to in the city and take full advantage of them. You absolutely love music and bounce and kick your legs non-stop for the entire thirty minutes. Your hair is getting blonder and longer and sometime your bedhead is out of control.
We love you so much. You are a joy and the best thing that's ever happened to us. 


  1. She's finally bigger than her toys! Well, except for that big rabbit ;)

    Sweetest baby ever. And I am absolutely not bias! :)

  2. Loving all the recent updates. She is SO CUTE! Her smile kills me! And if it's that cute in pictures, I'm sure it's even more adorable in person. What a doll.

  3. She is adorable in person!! She is always smiling and makes us laugh. What a cutie!! I love rocking her and snuggling with her. It was great spending the girl time with you and Little m.

  4. it's cool to see her growing through the photos...happy summer!