Sunday, March 18, 2012

Paddy or Patty?

Whether or not you say it St. Paddy's or St. Patty's (read about the correct way here), Saint Patrick's Day in Chicago is quite the sight to see!
M's parents were visiting, so we bundled up the munchkin.. err, I mean, slathered the munchkin in sunscreen and headed downtown with the other hundreds of thousands of people to see the river turn green.
80 degree weather in mid March? Weird, just plain weird. But lovely.
After checking out the green river we found a spot in the park to watch the parade, which turned out to be a bust. Was the parade really that crappy or is it just because we were at the very end of the route? Either way, the parade was a bit of a snooze fest and Little m had way more fun playing with her Grampie than anything else. I had fun people watching the sea of green.
I've turned into a huge old grump now that I have a kid and was dreading the drunk college students making a huge racket at all hours of the night but it really wasn't too bad. I guess since they start at 8am it's hard for them to make it to the end of the night, right? Other than having to dodge a lot of broken glass on the sidewalks this morning, I'd say St. Patrick's day was a lot of fun. The peanut liked it too!


  1. It was the best St Paddy's day! Sharing it with you guys was amazing.

  2. Little M is changing soooooo much! She is beautiful! I need to see her in person again!

  3. Maren is so cute!!