Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching Up...

There are so many things I'd like to blog about but finding the time is difficult! Or more like when I do have a spare moment to myself, sitting down and writing is nearly the last thing I want to do! So that being said, here's a quick mish mash of things I meant to blog about ages ago, didn't, but am now!

1) Halloween? That was only four months ago! Seems like yesterday, no?
Our little "pea"nut partied hard at her daddy's Halloween work party and was definitely the youngest in attendance. Finding a costume for an eight pounder was quite the challenge.

2) At the end of October was Little m's first trip to Toronto and first time flying in an airplane!
She had a great visit with her nanny and grampie and got to meet lots of our friends from the Tdot.

3) A visit from C&R in early November! And guess what, now they're expecting a little one themselves!

4) Little m's first Christmas! We spent nine days at her grandparents' house in Ottawa and had a nice time introducing Little m to two of her great grandmas. Sadly, I took next to no pictures, and the few that I did take are crappy iPhone quality.

And if you can believe this, Little m missed seeing Santa Claus this/last year! We left it to the very last minute and found out that Santy only works half a day on Christmas Eve!

So there we go - a few events I meant to record but never got around to. Feeling a bit more caught up now!


  1. Its a big job keeping up a blog! And trying to chronicle the comings and goings of the busiest baby on the planet is a tough challenge. But we love it! Thanks!

  2. I agree with Marina!! I'll take what I can get when you have time to blog. Love reading it.