Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Necessities: 0-6 Months

Now that I'm a pro at this whole mom thing (HA!) I thought I'd share a few baby items that have become necessities in our household.

1) Sound Machine
City living with a baby has caused me to dislike many things including Tuesdays (garbage day), car alarms, loud college kids, honking horns, traffic in general, and anything else that threatens to wake my baby up during her nap time. Having some type of white noise machine is essential. I really liked the features on the Graco Sound Machine but unfortunately it wasn't loud enough. We now use this Marpac Sound Conditioner and it works well. I don't travel without it.

This is the best product ever. No change pad cover means no extra laundry. It stays warm to the touch and easily wipes clean. Little m loves naked bum time and she plays in the Cooshee changer a few times a day while her bum bum airs out. I lay an extra cloth diaper down in case she pees and don't have to worry about her making a mess everywhere. It's most definitely worth the cost.

3) Play Mat
I was gifted the Tiny Love Activity Gym and it quickly became a favourite for me and baby. Whatever you do, make sure you have some place to lay your baby down. Play mats are great because they provide effortless entertainment. Get one for the sake of your mental health.

4) Night Light
I recently ordered this cute Kinderglo night light and have quickly grown to love it. It would have made things much easier if I had it from the very beginning! It's bright enough to allow me to see what I'm doing during night feedings but not bright enough to disturb Little m's sleep. Plus, it's a moose and reminds me of my home and native land!

Wow, there are so many uses for these blankets. We used them as swaddles in the very beginning but now I always carry one in my diaper bag to use as a nursing cover if needed. They are so light and breathable. Have you ever tried nursing with a real blanket? Schwetty.

I have used this app pretty much everyday since Little m was born. At first I used it to track her feedings, now I use it to track her sleeping and weight. It costs $4.99 and is so worth it, and that's coming from a lady who refuses to pay for apps!

I hope this little list of my most loved items helps someone out there!


  1. You do have the gadgets! The latest one I saw in a picture you recently sent me that holds fruit for her to nibble at is really cool. I would have loved that one. And that change pad - thats really a great idea. And I also love the little green chair that she sits in. Makes her look like a big kid :)

    It must be hard though to filter thru the 'stuff' out there for new parents. Its information overload. For us we had the old fashioned change table - wacky tacky crib mobiles for entertainment and an old fashioned fan for white noise.

  2. I think it's great that you have all the gadgets that you do. It sure makes life a lot easier. You're right, Marina. We didn't have much to choose from back in the day.