Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love Breastfeeding

I have grown to love breastfeeding. I hated it for the first two months, it was bearable for the next two, but by months four and five, something clicked and now I absolutely love it. I LOVE IT. I am so happy I stuck with it.
I thought breastfeeding would come naturally. I was wrong. It was really, really, really difficult in the beginning. Breastfeeding takes a lot of work. My nipples were sore for a solid two months. I think I had t.h.o's for that long as well. When it started getting cold outside I thought my boobies were going to fall off. They also felt this way when getting into the hot shower. It was great fun.

But now.. it's wonderful. Never thought I'd say it, but it's easy. I don't have to worry about bottles. It doesn't cost me anything to feed my child. I don't have to bring anything extra when I leave the house. I can easily comfort my baby within a split second.
(The mini face massages are an added bonus!)

What's the point of this post?
I'm here to tell you - don't give up! Get over the hurdle of the first few months and then it's smooth sailing. Holding your baby close and providing him or her with the world's #1 superfood is a really lovely feeling. Kinda magical really. I think I'm really going to be sad when it's all over.

Boobs. It's what's for dinner.


  1. Amen to everything you said sister! I'm in the process of weaning a bit for day care and it's kind of sad but I'm definitely ready - now if she would just go along with the plan!

  2. Like mother like daughter!! I loved breastfeeding as well but I know what you mean but it being difficult and that you really have to hang in there!! I'm so happy that all my "girls" - C, MT, S and J were very successful in their breastfeeding ventures. I'm proud of you all!!

  3. I'm glad it finally worked out for you and it will definitely be easier with the next baby.

  4. Couldn't agree more with this post! I wish that we had made it a bit longer than 6 months with HUT, but if I'm still at home with baby dos, then I definitely plan to BF longer.

  5. I felt exactly the same with my first baby! The first 2 months were agony, or pretty close. We ended up breastfeeding my girl for 24 months :) It rocked my world, made travel so easy! Plus free! Now with the second is so much easier, I didn't have any of that pain, he is 3 months and I'm finally enjoying feeding an infant. The first five days were rough with getting him to latch right, but at least there was no pain involved, just a little frustration :) Thanks for stopping by Eco-Babyz!