Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Bucket List

This is the first October in many years that M hasn't had to study for an exam. I am thrilled! I love all of the fun fall activities and it's so much better experiencing them as a family as opposed to just me and my gal. I have a love of lists so it made sense to create a "Fall Bucket List".

It makes me happy every time I open my cupboard door and see the list. It's also nice to have ideas readily available for weekends or days that I'm not working, plus it gets us out of the house, which is the only way to keep my little one out of trouble.
And doesn't it feel great being able to check things off a list? We're not far into fall and we can already check off hay ride! It was a hay ride through the city streets, but still a hay ride, right?

What's on your must-do list for this season?


  1. Come and see Little m all dressed up for Halloween. It's a good idea to make up lists...and to check them off as you go through them. I may just have to start doing that myself.

  2. Apple Cider drinking is a good one! Preferably in sweaters outside enjoying the brisk weather!