Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Wish List

Christmas is coming soon! My birthday is sooner! All I'm really wishing for is a full night's sleep but that's likely impossible. It's hard to think of things I want or need but using the wishpot website makes it easier and when an idea comes to mind I try to record it before I forget. Look at my full list here.

1. I already have a necklace from The Vintage Pearl with mine and husband's initials and now I'd like another M charm for the little one.
2. I enjoy reading Mama Pea's blog and would love a copy of her new cookbook!

3. I'm not sure if there are any donut recipes in that cookbook but I've seen a few on the internet that I've been wanting to try, but alas, I don't have a donut pan. If someone buys me this I promise to make them donuts!

4. I also wouldn't mind a tea infuser mug of some sort. I recently bought of bunch of different teas to try and this would be perfect to test them out in.

5. M's friend from high school has a new album out called Hibernation Nation. I first heard Andrea sing a few years ago when we traveled to Colombia for a wedding. Her voice is heavenly and I'd love a copy of her CD.

I also added a few things that Little m's wishing for, but they're mostly practical (boring) items like bibs and diaper cream! Poor girl.

Her daddy would cringe at this but I think she'd look super cute wearing some babylegs leg warmers, and they're still on sale from Cyber Monday:

What's #1 on your wish list this year?


  1. My #1 wish this year is the same as always. Having our family altogether for a great Christmas dinner - lots of laughter and fun. This year will be especially nice with everyone staying overnight and having breakfast together the next morning. Can't wait!!

  2. I want the same thing as your mom Jill, and this year I will actually get it! I can't wait!