Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bloomingdale Trail

I learned about the Bloomingdale Trail one day while searching for "hidden gems" in Chicago. From the yelp reviews, it sounded like a cool place to explore. It's an abandoned, elevated rail road track that provides a getaway from the busyness of the city. One lovely afternoon a few weeks ago, M and I decided to go explore it while my parents watched the babe. It was really interesting to walk in line with people's rooftops and look down at street level. Chicago is full of rooftop patios that I wouldn't have know existed otherwise!
Here's a view of the trail from street level - it's the overpass with the big sign on it.

Entering the trail can be a bit difficult in some areas and we had to climb a fence to get in. You have to dodge broken glass, empty beer bottles, and lots of garbage, but it's totally worth it!
In the near future, the city is supposed to be pumping a lot of money into making this trail an elevated park, which will be really nice when finished. But, for the more adventuresome, right now it's a pretty cool place to explore, as is!



    They are looking for alot of help on this project. Looks like it could take a very long time. But it does look fun!

  2. It looks very interesting... looks like you were breaking into something.... can you get arrested for being inside the area before it is ready? Always an adventure in Chicago!!!